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News Archives 3841-3860
Number Title Post Date
3841 Drug Dealer Bayer Paying Over $60 Million To Settle Deadly Trasylol Drug Suits 18/08/2010 11:28:11
3842 Outrage As Disgraced CPS Refuses To Charge Killer Doctor Jane Barton 18/08/2010 11:31:12
3843 Barack Obama Sharply Embarrassed By WikiLeaks 18/08/2010 11:35:27
3844 Draconian Thai Government Blocks Access To WikiLeaks Website 18/08/2010 11:41:15
3845 Vaccine Ingredient Calculator Updated! 19/08/2010 13:49:32
3846 GSK's Swine Flu Vaccine Suspected Of Causing Narcolepsy In Children 19/08/2010 13:53:12
3847 Iceland Set To Be Global Press Freedom Haven 19/08/2010 13:55:09
3848 Resurrecting WikiLeaks In Thailand 19/08/2010 13:57:57
3849 WikiLeaks Wins Credibility War 19/08/2010 14:06:17
3850 Judge Attacks Social Services For Trying To FORCE Contraception On Low IQ Woman 20/08/2010 13:24:17
3851 Vaccination Against HPV Is Dangerous And Unnecessary 20/08/2010 13:28:49
3852 GlaxoSmithKline Use Irish Children As Guinea Pigs In Vaccine Trials Scandal 20/08/2010 13:31:13
3853 Drug Dealer GlaxoSmithKline Memo On Deadly Avandia Is Questioned 20/08/2010 13:34:48
3854 Antiwar Activists Rally To Support Suspected Leaker Bradley Manning 20/08/2010 13:36:44
3855 WikiLeaks Encryption Makes For Interesting Legal Question 20/08/2010 13:40:12
3856 Swedish Rape Warrant For WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Cancelled 21/08/2010 16:28:03
3857 Five Shamed MPs Fail To Repay 40k Expenses 22/08/2010 11:43:10
3858 Files Go Missing In Ireland's Child Vaccine Scandal 22/08/2010 12:00:40
3859 Four Babies Killed By Measles Vaccine 22/08/2010 12:02:13
3860 GMC Issues Details Of Entirely Flawed Child Protection Consultation 22/08/2010 12:04:09

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Five Shamed MPs Fail To Repay 40k Expenses
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Five shamed Labour MPs fail to repay £40k expenses

By Brendan Carlin
21st August 2010

Sir Thomas Legg
Sir Thomas Legg ruled that a year's worth of mortgage interest
claims on Labour MP Ivor Caplin's second home were invalid

Five former Labour MPs still have not returned a total of more than £40,000 of over-claimed MPs’ expenses – six months after the official deadline.

Commons authorities confirmed last night that the politicians were defying orders to refund the money from unjustified second-home allowances.

They include former Labour Defence Minister Ivor Caplin, who owes nearly £18,000.

In his review of MPs’ expenses published in February, Sir Thomas Legg ruled that a year’s worth of mortgage interest claims on Mr Caplin’s second home were invalid.

Mr Caplin and other MPs were given two weeks to arrange to repay  the cash.

But six months on, the Commons authorities confirmed that he has still not paid back the money. He was unavailable for comment yesterday. However, according to information released by the Commons, he is not disputing the repayment order unlike two other ex-MPs.

Diana Organ, former Forest of Dean MP, is challenging a £12,803 return and Labour peer Baroness Adams is disputing Sir Thomas’s ruling that she should repay £4,110 from her time as MP for Paisley.

Ex-Scottish MP John Lyons still owes £10,894.

The fifth ex-MP who has yet to pay up is Lorna Fitzsimons, the former MP for Rochdale, who owes £500.

Last night, there were concerns that as the Commons has no power to force ex-MPs to comply with the rulings, the cash may never be returned.

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign group, said: ‘Even though these people are former MPs, they have a duty to repay the expenses. They should do their bit to restore trust in politics.’

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