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News Archives 5101-5120
Number Title Post Date
5101 US Senate to hold hearing on Facebook tracking cookies 17/11/2011 13:30:50
5102 UK government instructs Unum Insurance to profit from British disabled 17/11/2011 13:31:41
5103 Telegraph hires virulent homophobe as columnist 17/11/2011 13:32:39
5104 Occupy London to mark passing of City of London Corporation deadline 17/11/2011 13:34:00
5105 Police State Violence: Tactics Against The Occupy Movement 17/11/2011 13:35:34
5106 House Bill would spare thousands of dietary supplements from shelf removal 22/11/2011 15:39:17
5107 Stop targeting this imaginary army of long-term British sick 22/11/2011 15:43:47
5108 Support The ATOS Two 22/11/2011 15:44:53
5109 Assange hires Pirate Bay lawyer 22/11/2011 15:51:30
5110 Army sets pre-trial hearing date for Bradley Manning 22/11/2011 15:54:16
5111 Civil case allegations about mobile phone Location Data snooping by the News of the World 22/11/2011 15:55:50
5112 Vitamins Decrease Lung Cancer Risk by 50% 22/11/2011 15:57:08
5113 Pharmaceutical Drugs Linked to Childhood Diabetes 22/11/2011 15:58:07
5114 Chronic fatigue syndrome researcher Judy Mikovits arrested 22/11/2011 15:59:44
5115 Smoke, Mirrors, and the 'Disappearance' Of Polio 22/11/2011 16:01:12
5116 GAVI funding fatal polio vaccines 22/11/2011 16:03:10
5117 Bush and Blair found guilty of war crimes for Iraq attack 25/11/2011 15:29:55
5118 Occupy London responds to the Evening Standard 25/11/2011 15:32:30
5119 The Highest Earners Need To Be Very Careful About The R-Word 25/11/2011 15:40:57
5120 The Swing of That Truncheon Thing 25/11/2011 15:42:42

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Support The ATOS Two
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Please retweet and support "THE ATOS TWO"

Unread postby Miss Ben E Fit » Mon Nov 21, 2011

Two Nottingham residents, a pensioner and a wheelchair user, have been charged with aggravated trespass. The pair, dubbed the “Atos Two” by supporters, were arrested following a peaceful protest the offices of the Atos “Healthcare” on Stoney Street on September 30th. Campaigners accuse Atos of participating in a government-led attack on people with disabilities under the guise of “austerity.”

Upcoming event: Protest outside Bridewell Magistrates Court, Friday 25th November, 9.30am

Disabled people, some of them terminal, are being forced off incapacity benefit onto employment support allowance by a private French IT company called ATOS who is paid a commission by the Government for every person they kick off.  Disabled people are being forced to attend assessments (often by staff who are not fully qualified e.g. midwives) and being asked “trick questions such as “Do you watch Eastenders” and then concluding that if the person can sit still long enough to watch a soap they can sit in a job that required they stay in one place.


ATOS set to subvert GP care for patients

This week we heard that the Government are considering a report to take away the ability of GP’s to write sick notes for longer than 4 weeks, this is very concerning for people with mental health issues such as depression, bereavement and those who have recently been diagnosed with a long term illness such as multiple sclerosis.  The GP knows the patient, they know the family, they know the situation and have gained the trust of the patient to confide.

What we have seen is that when such people are confronted in the wrong way, they often commit suicide.  So is ATOS what we have to look forward to for GP patients?  Currently ATOS ignore GP input and choose to use their own assessment software, but many many cases are being overturned on appeal.  So this is costing the state a fortune in appeals and causing huge stress for people with genuine disabilities.  This story shows what happens when anyone complains, they need your support, please help in any way that you can, ideally attend the court hearing, get the press involved or just tweet about this to your friends and write about it on your facebook wall.

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