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News Archives 5241-5260
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5256 Cameron is the David Brent of welfare reform 23/01/2012 16:38:50
5257 Man in coma loses benefits as ATOS classifies him fit for work 23/01/2012 16:40:50
5258 Anger at Bent Britain Tories over lobbying whitewash 23/01/2012 16:42:10
5259 Itís time to end the failed war on drugs 23/01/2012 16:43:48
5260 Sunshine Law Requires Drug Companies to Report $$ to Doctors 23/01/2012 16:45:32

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Man in coma loses benefits as ATOS classifies him fit for work
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Man in coma loses benefits as he's classified "fit for work"

Submitted by Rob Ray on Jan 19 2012

The government's decision to crack down on the disabled took a bizarre turn this week after a man in a coma was stripped of his benefits - because he'd not handed his fitness-for-work questionnaire in.

In a thread on on Thursday Reading Community Welfare Rights Unit deputy manager Sam Harney noted:

Client’s husband is in hospital in a coma. He was sent ESA501.

Client contacted DWP to explain situation and was asked to obtain letter from hospital confirming he is in a coma. Did so. Was told to send it to ATOS rather than local BDC. Did so. Husband has now received decision letter – yep, as he has failed to return the ESA50 without good cause and is therefore capable of work [he is] no longer entitled to ESA…

The decision is part of a lengthening list of seemingly nonsensical judgements handed down by ATOS healthcare since it was appointed to oversee benefits claims in 2005 – another notable case is that of Larry Newman, who was told to stop slacking and get back to work despite having an incurable lung disease, which killed him just months after his assessment.

The firm has been targeted repeatedly over the last few years by campaigners under the banner ATOS KILLS, with activists pointing to a sharp rise in applications against the decisions being made, with 40% of appeals being successful overall rising to 70% where legal representation is used.

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