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News Archives 3761-3780
Number Title Post Date
3761 Ms Penny Mellor, The BMJ, The GMC And Vaccine Damaged Children 26/07/2010 09:29:23
3762 Afghan War Diary - Multiple Atrocities Exposed 26/07/2010 09:48:46
3763 Ana Cantu - Human Guinea Pig In A Drug Trial For $4,800 27/07/2010 10:28:11
3764 Courage Is Contagious - How To Whistleblow Safely 27/07/2010 10:37:35
3765 Spanish Patient With Chronic Mercury Intoxication Goes On Hunger Strike 28/07/2010 07:42:07
3766 UK ISP TalkTalk Spies On Customers 28/07/2010 07:48:57
3767 Doctors Set To Sabotage Detested NHS Database 28/07/2010 07:51:19
3768 Crazed Psychiatrists Set To Shrink Pool Of Normal To Puddle 28/07/2010 07:55:49
3769 Vaccine Victims Beaten Up And Sent Home 28/07/2010 07:57:28
3770 Minister Ignored Advice And Ordered Double Dose Swine Flu Vaccine 28/07/2010 07:59:28
3771 Merck Paid 3,468 Death Claims To Resolve Vioxx Suits 28/07/2010 08:01:05
3772 Gardasil Vaccine Gave Teen Brain Damage 01/08/2010 14:44:46
3773 Did H1N1 Vaccine Cause Paralysis in Shreveport 5-Year Old? 01/08/2010 14:58:23
3774 UK Doctors Warned Of Flu Vaccine Convulsion Risk 01/08/2010 15:13:14
3775 Vaccine Jab Claims Multiple Lives 01/08/2010 15:15:45
3776 Doctors State WHO Responsible For Child Vaccine Deaths Cover-Up 01/08/2010 15:20:24
3777 GMC's Legal Assessor Cocks Up Over Disgraced David Southall Case 01/08/2010 15:23:35
3778 MPs To Be Treated As Common Criminals 01/08/2010 15:32:23
3779 Update - WikiLeaks Afghan War Diary 'Insurance' 01/08/2010 15:35:10
3780 One Click Stats - July 2010 01/08/2010 15:40:09

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Courage Is Contagious - How To Whistleblow Safely
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WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange - The internet whistleblower era has arrived
(Caption & Pic Courtesy of One Click)

whistleblower guidelines

Julian Assange, the editor of Wikileaks, provides guidelines to whistleblowers in the video below, after speaking at the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s Summer School 2010.

Julian is the main architect of the remarkably successful public interest project Wikileaks. This is a web-based platform for whistleblowers that for offers a secure place to publish internal and often secret documents that disclose injustice, corruption and murder, in the public interest.

Wikieaks provides something entirely new. It provides a secure, military grade protection programme for whistleblowers which has enabled the safe transmission of important evidence to the public. So far, not one amongst the thousands of submissions in the public interest has been compromised or its author disclosed.

It’s fair to say that Wikileaks has produced as many scoops as any major newspaper has produced in their entire lifetime, and in a matter of just four years. The release of the footage from the Apache helicopter attacks on civilians and Reuters journalists, toxic waste dumping by Trafigura, emails on climate change from University of East Anglia, the major Peruvian oil scandal, are just a fraction of what WikiLeaks has been producing and what is yet to come.

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* Collateral Murder
US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff

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